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Top 10 Dive Sites around Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

1 & 2. Clements Reef (near Sapi) & Soft Coral Garden (near Gaya), Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
Both sites are located with Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park –
Rebreather diving on the Rice Bowl Wreck
the most popular diving location from Kota Kinabalu. We visit > 20 dive sites in TARP and these are our favourites. Find gently sloping coral reefs from 8m – 25m, a riot of colours from a range of hard corals, soft corals, sponges and anemones and a surprisingly wide range of marine life so close to city life.

3. Edgell Patches
Dive around large coral covered boulders in the shallows which then give way to a sloping reef down to 35m. Full of fish life as well as a good variety of nudibranches and other critters.

4 & 5. The Pinnacle & Barracuda Point - Pulau Tiga
Pulau Tiga is located 30nm south of Kota Kinabalu. We visit 8 dive sites near Pulau Tiga and these our are two favourites. Dive by large coral covered pinnacles, coral bombies and busy cleaning stations.
Rebreather diving trips in Sabah
The hard and soft corals are breath taking, including large cascades of barrel sponges and Gorgonian fans. Teeming with fish life, home to critters and the occasional mating cuttle fish. Enjoy being the only divers in the water.

6. Mayne Rock
Go diving a unique underwater landscape with large white boulders raising 7m - 25m, surrounded by shoals of fish and adorned in hard and soft corals. Then dive along a pristine undulating coral reef home to juvenile Sharks.

7. WW2 Rice Bowl Wreck
So-called because a cache of rice bowls was found in the bow when it was first dived. The wreck is ~150m and lies between 26m – 40m. Home to Barracuda, Yellow Snapper, Fusiliers and Nurse Sharks.
Maynes Rock north of Kota Kinabalu

8. WW2 Upside-Down Wreck
A large WW2 wreck lying in an upside down position. This wreck lies slightly deeper to the Rice Bowl wreck. This wreck has good swim-throughs and is good for exploring.

9. WW2 Usukan Wreck
This is the deepest of the three at 35m - 45m and consequently only available to technical divers. The wreck is interesting and has a spectacular whip coral coverage that can give it a frosted appearance in a certain light.

10. Pulau Mantanani (Mantanani Island)
Mantanani is a tropical island located ~ 45nm north west of Kota Kinabalu, The shallow coral reefs surrounding the islands have plenty to offer and have wonderful visibility. Home to juvenile Turtles and some interesting muck diving.